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Realize your components with Additive Manufacturing

Thanks to this technology, which is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0, you can reduce costs for your prototypes, customize your products, and reduce the size of your warehouses by adopting on-demand production.

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Quality control process

Product quality control

No limits to innovation

Prototyping through 3D printing is not just a matter of cost and speed, as many players in the market claim.

Savings and speed are only the simplest advantages to talk about; for us, it is important that you evaluate them all factors! 

3D prototype object

You will have at your disposal all the technologies and materials necessary to meet your requests

Finished parts

This technology allows creating a finished part directly without having to assemble separate parts, which can save time and resources during the production process

Higher quality

Additive Manufacturing can reach the same quality standards, in some cases even with better results in terms of porosity when compared to other traditional technologies


Reduce the costs of your warehouses, make the most out of the speed of this technology to manage small series by producing only when there is demand

Plastic Materials

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Metal Materials

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Whenever it is needed

Additive Manufacturing can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, from concept phase to flexible and on-demand production.

The goal of our ecosystem is to guide  the customer in real-time along this path from simple and rapid prototyping to mass production through the most advanced Design for Additive


Fast, cost-effective

Small series

Flexible, customizable


On-demand, dynamic

Become one of our partners

We are always looking for new partners to grow our ecosystem. Our goal is to offer our customers the most innovative technologies, advanced designs, accurate controls, and the best post-processing available on the market.

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