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Backed by industry leaders:

Backed by industry leaders:

reduction in development time
reduction in part weight
reduction in production costs

Make the best choices with our business advisory

Tailored advice to define the area of applicability (e.g., BOM screening, prototyping, serial productions, digital inventory) and the right technologies, materials and design strategy.

Get expert advice on the best business case, based on your requirements

Maximized your ROI with suggestions on design, technology and materials.

Create a customized digital supply chain that matches your needs

Get ready for production with design-for-manufacturing

Achieve the best possible design based on your requirements, whatever the technology, with our advanced design and design optimization services.

6 services including design from scratch, Design for Additive, Topology Optimization and Field Driven Design.

Process several inputs: sketch, 3D model, 2D drawing, real component

Achieve simpler, lighter and cheaper components by placing material only where needed

Build your custom digital inventory

Get a customized digital inventory of your parts, with details and recommendations on specs, technologies, material and related production costs. From dashboard to production in 1 click.

Analyze multiple products and identify the best candidates for advance design and manufacturing adoption .

Inventory management made simple with your own digitized inventory that enables on-demand production.

Get a clear view on the best production scenario (design, technology, material) and related costs

Level up with our engineering certifications

Join our certifiation program to develop your AM knowledge and expertise and enable the adoption of your products.

Gain knowledge on industrial printing technologies and design for Additive

Develop specific quality and business attitudes for the successful adoption if in the product portfolio

Get inspired by success stories and applications from various markets.

Get to know some of our experts

With the support of our team of experts, we can minimize your risk and give you the flexibility to optimize for the technology and specs that will deliver you the best results

Andrea Boscolo

Chief Product Officer

Expert in the development of consulting, design, and manufacturing services & and end-to-end engineering execution management.

Costanzo Prisciandaro

Application Engineer

Technical expert in consulting, design, and production of industrial products

Luca Tarsitano

Ecosystem Manager

Expert in procurement, quality, and development in managing complex ecosystems and supply chains

Why Madeinadd?

Instant quotes and online order management make ordering parts easy.
Large range of manufacturing capabilities, always available on demand.
Large network of certified manufacturing partners for maximum scalability.
Tailored expert advice to help you get your ideas ready for production.
Advanced quality control processes to ensure your parts are made to spec, every time.
Stringent data protection and security measures to ensure total confidentiality.

"With Madeinadd, engineering teams not only get a reliable partner for sourcing parts, but they also get the expert input needed to optimize ideas and designs, choose the technologies that allow faster, more sustainable and affordable production and the best materials based on functional requirements."

Gerardo Di Filippo

CEO at Madeinadd

FAQ about our services

What is meant and what is the added value of Madeinadd's business advisory service beyond technology recommendations?

Madeinadd's business advisory service extends beyond technology recommendations to offer comprehensive insights and strategic guidance. Leveraging our expertise in additive manufacturing and industry trends, we provide tailored solutions to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth and success. Through our technical and business advisory services, including customer product assessment, 3D file analysis or creation, Statement Of Requirements development, and lifecycle planning, we offer a holistic approach to address your needs. Our advisory process considers factors such as technology, material selection, design optimization, validation planning, business case analysis (cost, lead time, breakeven), and lifecycle planning (ROI). By aligning these elements with your application requirements, we ensure that you receive a customized roadmap for success in additive manufacturing, maximizing value and efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

How do you ensure that your business advisory service meets our specific needs?

At Madeinadd, we ensure that our business advisory service is tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements. Our approach begins with a dedicated team of specialists, including engineers and designers, who will interface directly with you, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business goals, challenges, and objectives. By leveraging their expertise and industry insights, they collaborate closely with you to develop customized strategies and solutions that address your specific needs, ensuring that you receive targeted and impactful advice that drives success in your additive manufacturing endeavors.

How does Madeinadd ensure design-for-manufacturing excellence across different industries and applications?

At Madeinadd, we ensure design-for-manufacturing excellence through our specialized product engineering services tailored to diverse industries. Our suite includes CAD-driven design from scratch and design for additive manufacturing, topology optimization, field driven design, structural analysis & optimization, and fluid-dynamic analysis & optimization. Leveraging advanced CAD and CAE technologies, we optimize designs for efficiency and performance across various applications, ensuring rapid turnaround times without compromising quality.

Can you accommodate design feedback for existing projects?

Certainly! At Madeinadd, our design-for-manufacturing service is highly adaptable and can offer valuable feedback and redesigns for existing projects. We specialize in fine-tuning designs according to manufacturing guidelines, conducting feasibility checks, and implementing small design changes and tuning to optimize efficiency and quality. Additionally, we offer services such as designing from scratch within defined boundary conditions, conducting technical reviews, performing reverse engineering if needed, and implementing Design for Additive Manufacturing principles. Our goal is to ensure that your projects are optimized for success, whether it involves refining existing designs or creating new ones from the ground up.

What type of output can we expect from your digital inventory service?

Our digital inventory service delivers comprehensive and actionable outputs to optimize your manufacturing processes. Through a meticulous process starting from requirements collection, followed by technical analysis and business case development, we ensure that our service aligns perfectly with your production requirements. You can expect detailed digital representations of your parts, complete with specifications, material recommendations, and technology insights. Additionally, our service provides personalized recommendations for inventory management, including BOM development and procurement plans, tailored to your needs. With our digital inventory outputs, you gain invaluable insights and tools to enhance efficiency, minimize costs, and maximize productivity across your additive manufacturing operations. 

I have parts available in various formats (digital and physical). Is this suitable for the service offered by Madeinadd's digital inventory?

Yes! Madeinadd's digital inventory service offers versatile digitization options to accommodate your needs. Whether you possess part drawings or physical components, our advanced scanning and modeling techniques allow us to accurately replicate them digitally for integration into your inventory. By digitizing both virtual and physical assets, we create a comprehensive digital representation of your warehouse, enabling efficient inventory management, analysis, and decision-making. Whether you're starting from scratch or transitioning from a traditional inventory system, Madeinadd ensures a seamless digitization process tailored to your specific requirements.

Are your engineering certifications suitable for beginners in additive manufacturing?

Yes, our engineering certifications program caters to individuals at all levels of expertise, including beginners. Our courses are designed to provide a solid foundation in additive manufacturing principles and techniques, making them accessible to anyone looking to advance their knowledge in this field.

What makes Madeinadd's engineering certifications program stand out in the additive manufacturing industry?

Our engineering certifications program is designed and led by industry experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience in additive manufacturing. By offering hands-on training and personalized guidance, we empower participants to become leaders in the field, equipped with the expertise and skills needed to drive innovation and success in additive manufacturing.

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