How it works
Turning ideas into reality with Madeinadd

We combine an online ordering platform, expert advice and a highly vetted network of local manufacturing partners to provide you with a highly scalable and versatile supply chain and a seamless process for going from idea to production in line with your requirements.

reduction in development time
reduction in part weight
reduction in production costs

We manufacture parts from rapid prototyping to end-part production

3D Printing

Flexible and affordable production options with our 3D Printing services.

10 processes (DMLS, SLA, SLS, MJF, FDM, DLP, DED, Binder Jet, Large Scale and Polyjet

74 materials across Nickel alloys, steel, aluminum alloys, copper, polymers and technopolymers, elastomers, resins

Re-design for AM available

How it works

Our end-to-end process, tailored to your needs

Upload & configure your part

3D file(s) or start from scratch

Statement Of Requirements

Lifecycle information

Scenario Proposal

Technology & material

Design level

Validation plan

Business case (cost, leadtime, etc.)

Lifecycle planning (return on invesment)

Design Optimization

Design feedback



Optimize for technology (3DP, CNC)

Supply Chain Procurement

Source from certified network

Match ideal certified partner

Create procurement plan

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Parts are manufactured to spec

Stringent quality control

Parts are packed and shipped

Receive your parts

You receive the parts

Re-order with minimal hassle, whenever needed

Map of Italy showing our network of local manufacturing partners

Our strictly vetted network of local manufacturing partners offers you instant access to a scalable, versatile and cost-effective manufacturing capacity.

We have a carefully curated network of trusted manufacturing partners, leveraging decades of expertise to help you get your parts into production, with flexible access to the technologies you need.

Instant access to production whenever needed

A huge range of technologies and capabilities for every project

Certified partners with a focus on quality and confidentiality

Your IP and data — treated securely and confidentially

When you order with Madeinadd, you can rest assured that your data and intellectual property are in safe hands. We apply the strictest measures to ensure total security and confidentiality across the board.

Secure (encrypted) connections used for all files and interactions, with all servers located in the EU.

Rigorous data and security training and commitments for all Madeinadd staff.

Find our confidentiality terms here.

Additional NDAs can be signed upon request.

All parts we produce meet the highest quality standards.

We have implemented stringent processes to ensure all parts are delivered on spec and meet the highest quality standards.

All manufacturing partners are heavily vetted and carefully onboarded

Our partners have all the necessary certifications to serve your industry

We use extensive QA processes to ensure parts are delivers up to spec.

Why Madeinadd?

Instant quotes and online order management make ordering parts easy.
Large range of manufacturing capabilities, always available on demand.
Large network of certified manufacturing partners for maximum scalability.
Tailored expert advice to help you get your ideas ready for production.
Advanced quality control processes to ensure your parts are made to spec, every time.
Stringent data protection and security measures to ensure total confidentiality.

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