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A strategic partnership

CDP Venture Capital, MIMETE (Fomas Group) and Dumarey Automotive to promote additive manufacturing

Madeinadd's solid foundation

Strategic partnership for Additive Manufacturing Strategic partnership for Additive Manufacturing

Our new materials and technologies for your projects

Innovations for your projects

Discover a wide selection of new materials and technologies. Explore our top solutions

New materials and technologies

Our new materials and technologies for your projects Our new materials and technologies for your projects

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Don't miss our resources section to stay updated Don't miss our resources section to stay updated

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Promotion: 20% off your first order Promotion: 20% off your first order

Invent, improve and accelerate with 3D printing

Our digital ecosystem supports companies with services of:

  • Digital Advisory: technologies and professionals at your disposal
  • Design for Additive: your parts redesigned for printing
  • Printing, post-processing, validation and delivery of your finished product

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Quality control process

Product quality control

Why produce with Additive Manufacturing

Designing and producing your component with traditional systems can be time consuming and require effort for every running changes.

Additive manufacturing revolutionizes the production philosophy by eliminating the need to produce many identical parts.

You can choose to continuously modify the components, customize them from batch to batch, or create multiple variants and prototypes in a short time. 


Few limits to shapes, functionality, and variants due to the manufacturing technology.


Less weight with no material waste, thanks to the additive design.


Get the finished product in your hands right away: from prototyping to mass production.

High Quality

Additive Manufacturing can achieve the same quality standards, and in some cases even better results.

Focus on Performance

Design more focused on performance rather than being technical and assembly oriented.

On-Demand Production

A complete ecosystem that allows you to take advantage of its wide on-demand production capacity.


Additive manufacturing allows for only the necessary material to be consumed, thus reducing waste. The production process may occur only when needed, enabling the customer to not possess a warehouse storage.

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Our production process

We capable of providing an instant quotation thanks to our digital advisory systems. Upload your file and configure your project to immediately find out the final price, without wasting any time.

Instant quote


Upload the file and select the options we show you. We guide you step by step.
3d product configuration


We redesign your components for Additive Manufacturing.
3d process

Building the Supply Chain

We take care of managing all the processes for your project.
Supply chain


We will manufacture your order within the established timelines.
Network of connections

Quality Control

We certify product functionality according to the required standards.
3D advanced prototype


Shipment tracking and necessary on-time delivery.
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Instant quote
On-Demand 3D Printing

Our ecosystem allows you to create single prototypes, customized products, small and large industrial series while guaranteeing the quality of the finished product.

You will be guided in real time through the choice of the optimal technological solution, the materials – such as polymer and metal -, surface finishes, and quality control that best satisfy the functionality of the finished product. 

Redesign your products for Additive Manufacturing

The advanced Design for Additive skills and methodologies of our ecosystem will allow you to quickly achieve a high degree of complexity of your product, while enjoying the maximum benefits.

Our goal is to optimize production time, costs and component performance based on its use within the system, achieving a lighter, more resistant, reliable products, that are compliant and fully satisfy your requirements. 

Why Madeinadd
Always an alternative

Every time you request a quotation, we propose at least one alternative solution


For each project, a confidentiality agreement is provided, so that your project remains safe

Wide range of choice

The vast capacity of the ecosystem allows you to choose from the most advanced technology and specific materials for your product

Certified quality

To guarantee the functionality of your product we always provide scrupulous quality control of the design and the production process.

When is it needed?

Additive Manufacturing can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, from the concept phase to flexible and on-demand production.

The goal of our ecosystem is to accompany the customer in real-time along this journey, from simple sample and rapid prototyping to serial a  production, through the most advanced Design for Additive


Fast, cost-effective

Small series

Flexible, customizable


On-demand, dynamic

Markets we support
Application sectors
Become one of our partners

We are always looking for new partners to grow our ecosystem. Our goal is to offer our customers the most innovative technologies, advanced designs, accurate controls, and the best post-processing available on the market.

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An initiative by
CDP - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione CDP Venture Capital SGRgr Mimete Dumarey Automotive

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